Photography for Social Change

Chaminade University, Honolulu, Fall 2012

The following images were drawn from the final portfolios in my Chaminade University class, Photography for Social Change, Fall 2102. The class is an introduction to photography with an emphasis on using the camera as an instrument to reveal social issues or to assist in seeking positive solutions to the problems which vex us all.

—David Ulrich

Victoria Barayuga: “The idea that I want to draw attention to is the issue of self-harming or self-hurting which the majority of the time can be caused by depression. I want people to understand that anything can trigger people to self-harm themselves whether if would be from the media or by someone’s words. “

Kevin Fajardo. “Living in Hawai‘i today has changed a lot from when the royal family ruled over the land. These buildings represent the changing architecture in Hawai‘i and how the face of Hawai‘i has changed since King Kamehameha ruled over the islands.”

Remi Kohno: “The use of technology can be a great help to people in communicating, but it can also have consequences of reducing person-to-person interaction with the device as an intermediary. Everyone has their own beliefs and reasons as to why they think technology has impacted our society negatively or positively. “

Emily Ochsner. “My pictures are meant to focus on the happiness that can be reached through being outdoors in the beautiful environment.. I want my pictures to change people’s views, thoughts, and give them a breath of fresh air.”

Rick Pefley: “I wanted to show vandalism in context by showing how an otherwise beautiful scene is marred by vandalism. I would hope that the viewer becomes aware as much as I have become aware and will take efforts to stop or report vandalism.”

Caroline Salvador. “My photographs relate to the diverse culture we have in Hawai‘i. From this experience, I learned that you shouldn’t be so quick to judge a person by what they do just because it is different from how you do things.”

Aven Santiago. “Since high school, I have been passionate and ambitious about being involved in sports media. During this course, I focused on capturing emotion, action, and moments in sports.

Drakkoir Thompson. “Cosplay (costume play) is an art, and a hobby by dressing up as a certain character. As I took the pictures, I realized that cosplay is a sensational phenomenon, an escape from reality from whatever stress people are dealing with.”

Jordan Zizzi. “I chose to do my project on music and how it has a positive influence on people’s lives. It allows people to be creative; it allows them to learn; and it allows them to be them.”

SarahMarie Webster. “Because I have a very abstract way of looking at photos, I decided to relay on color contrasts for the scheme of my chosen photographs, and to group my pictures in a triptych format. The motions and colors of the photographs, and the creation of abstract textures, combine to make many of of the projected thoughts from the world I live in.”

Shalin Yamaguchi: I feel strongly about free expression and individuality. In my final portfolio project, I want to take pictures of what’s accepted and what isn’t accepted in society today.