Samsara: Desire and Illusion

Modern culture, through the voices of media and advertising, debases even the most noble and uplifting aspects of the human experience such as faith, hope, and love. Our once soaring ideas and ideals have entered common parlance, are often treated with a cool, distant, ironic stance, and are brought down to the lowest possible level. Explicit allusions to truth, love, and beauty permeate the marketplace, designed to manipulate human sentiment for the basest of reasons. It is an upside-down view of reality.  The nobility of our humanity and our search for enduring values have been appropriated through words and images designed to titillate and sell.

I am interested in the evocative power of the photographic medium to reveal the clash of cultural values evident in the modern world—to raise our collective level of awareness of the contradictions inherent in ourselves, and by extension, in the world itself. This ongoing series of photographs derives from the vitality of urban centers and reflects my deep concern over the influence of consumer culture on the global, social and natural, environment.